Sunday, April 27, 2014

ARP - 17 - Watchmen Part 2

We dive into the deep end of dissecting the classic story The Watchmen by Alan Moore. Please listen to part 1 first so you get the summary of the story as we started right where we left off last time. There will not be live tweeting this week as I will be out of town and cannot guarantee that I will be near a computer.

Talking points


Gibbons on the plot of Watchmen (0:29)


Technology (3:40)
Real superheroes drove people to want Pirate comics (6:09)

Deterioration over time (7:53)
The use of cancer as a scary thing (13:39)
Non-linear storytelling (16:24)
Supplemental materials (19:37)
What happens after Watchmen? (24:20)


Overall (58:49)

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