Sunday, May 11, 2014

ARP - 18 - Watchmen Part 3

We take our final look deep into the classic tale of The Watchmen from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. We had a blast researching and talking about this in depth tale. Join us for a double length episode as we try to cover the rest of our talking points.

Talking points

Sub-plots and did they add to the story for you (0:30)

Very much a cold war era book (25:55) 

Philosophical question: Who makes the world? (Issue 4) (46:48)

Is this comic 'adult' for the sake of being 'adult'? (58:40)

Watchmen is credited with starting several things (1:14:50)

Character study

Orig. Silk Spectre (1:20:00) 

Silk Spectre II (1:22:27) 

Doctor Manhattan (1:25:20)

Night Owl (1:30:22) 

Rorschach (1:34:31)

Ozymandias (1:41:05)

Fate of Hooded Justice and Cap Metro (1:51:46)  

Daniel and Hollis discussing their times as Night Owl (1:54:19) 

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