Sunday, July 6, 2014

ARP - 22 - Green Lantern: Rise of the Third Army

The Guardians are at it again. This time they have created a Third Army to destroy their own Green Lantern Corps. Can the Corps survive? How do they fight these mindless creatures designed to destroy them? A hero will need to arise. Will it be Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Simon Baz, Kyle Raynor, or someone else? Join us as we discuss this crossover story amongst the Lantern titles.

Talking points

Guardians are rash and quick to give up on things rather than work to fix them (24:10)

Introduction of an Arab character as a hero (27:07)

Philosophical question (53:26)

B'dg (the squirrel lantern) (1:05:05)

Third Army (1:07:46)   

GL Event stories (1:10:43)

Kyle's ability to use all emotional spectrums (1:17:32)

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