Sunday, June 26, 2016

ARP - 54 - Denver Comiccon 2016

We had a great time at Denver Comiccon and want to thank our friends Paul, Kaylee, and Becky for all you did for us. We have a supersize episode for you with 12 interviews for you. We talk to established professionals in the industry as well as independent publishers and hope you find some new books to check out.

Talking points

Brief Recap of our time at the con

Allen Bellman interview (4:15)

Best Thing at the convention

Andy Mangels interview (12:06)

2016 Con Exclusive Beer Selection

Barbara Randall Kesel interview (36:34)

Ben Girven interview - Stomping Ground (48:15)

John Myers interview - Era of Great Wonders (57:08)

James Lacroix interview - Critical Mass (1:02:10)

Cat Staggs interview (1:05:49)

Things that DCC Does well

Jay Peteranetz interview - Magicians Must Die (1:18:15)

Lee Oaks interview - Thunder Monkey (1:22:00)

Shawn Gustafson interview - The Specialists (1:26:54)

Narrier Comics interview (1:29:54)

Final thoughts on the Convention

Ellie Ann Soderstrom interview (1:40:00
- Trigger warning. Ellie Ann shares her story about how she has been harassed in the comics industry and it is intense. We really do hope you listen to her story, but we understand if it will be too upsetting and you want to stop the episode now.

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As mentioned in the episode

Our next podcast will cover Velvet 1-10 on July 3rd. Our next Bat Books For Beginners episode will be Batman: Family on July 19th.

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We would like to thank Packie Wambaugh for recording our intro and outro music for us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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