Sunday, October 2, 2016

ARP - 59 - Sweet Tooth 12-17

Welcome to the final episode of Followup Fall for 2016. In this episode, we return to Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire. We talk about the world, the prophecy, the characters and more. This is a truly interesting episode where Dylan and John have very different ideas about the story.

Talking points


Use of the R-word (3:00)
Prophecy as a story telling device (5:02)
The World (11:05)
Jeppard abandoning his son to the dog boys (17:30)


Gus killing the gator kid in the sewer to protect Wendy (21:38)
Gus' innocence despite this bleak world (28:34)

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As mentioned in the episode

Sweet Tooth part 1

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