Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bat Books For Beginners 149 - Gotham Central: Unresolved Targets

The end of our time on Bat Books For Beginners has arrived. This is our final episode for TheBatmanUniverse.net. We would like to thank Dustin for this opportunity to cover some amazing stories from the early 2000s and contribute to the great things they are doing at the site.

In this episode, John is joined by Tobiah from View From the Gutters to talk about Gotham Central again. We have a great time talking about this unique series in the history of comics, particularly super hero comics.

Please visit www.thebatmanuniverse.net and check out all the Batman news, comics reviews, and podcasts they have to offer.

Direct link to the episode page: Bat Books For Beginners - Episode 149

Please leave us some feedback on the episode page and we will incorporate it into our next episode.

Arc Reactions Podcast will be back on January 1st covering Alias.

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