Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Special Single Issue Review - Transmissions #1

I read Transmissions #1, a post cold war espionage thriller from T-pub comics. A mysterious broadcast of numbers is playing on the radio and anyone who hears it goes into a trance and starts killing people. Charlie is recruited to try and solve the case along with Sasha, a code breaker. She takes him to the creator of the code, a Russian agent, but he is unwilling to betray his country. Charlie must find a new angle to solve this mystery.

The cold war ended in 1991, but everything doesn't just disappear once both sides have warmed up to each other. This 4 issue story by writer Jed McPherson and artist Marco Perugini explores what was left behind after the cold war ended and the spies who must clean it up.

I found this a compelling beginning to a spy thriller. The radio code transmissions are a unique puzzle for our lead agent to try and solve. I feel like Jed is also setting us up with the juxtaposition of Cold War-era spy Charlie and modern agents trained in the latest techniques and technologies.

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the story.

You can check out Transmissions on Webtoons or at Tpub's website

Thank you to Neil Gibson for the review copy of Transmissions #1

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