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ARP - Episode 02 - Death of the Family (Batman)

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Arc Reactions Podcast - 02 - Death of the Family

In this episode, Dylan and John discuss the most recent Bat family crossover event Death of the Family where the Joker returns in the New 52 after being gone for a year and he wants to break up the Bat Family.

Follow along with these notes and the discussion points:

Joker's thugs kidnap Barbara's mom (Batgirl 13)

Joker gets his face back (Batman 13)
Joker on TV (Batman 13)
Joker meets up with Harley and sends her to ACE factory (Suicide Squad 14)
Joker kidnaps Alfred (Batman 13)
Joker confronts Catwoman at the amusement park (Catwoman 14)
Batman fights Joker at the reservoir/aqueduct (Batman 14)
Harley fights Joker (Suicide Squad 15)
Joker at Skate Rink with Barbara's mom (Batgirl 14)
Bat family in the batcave (Batman 15) ******
Joker kills Jimmy and takes Raya to Kline Industries (Nightwing 15)
Joker has a surprise for Nightwing at Amusement Mile (Nightwing 16)
Joker and Batgirl at church (Batgirl 15-16)
Joker and Robin at the zoo (Batman and Robin 15-16)
Joker kidnaps Red Robin (TT 15)
Joker and Red Hood somewhere (Red Hood 15)
Joker, Red Robin, and Red Hood somewhere (TT 16)
Batman and Joker in Arkham (Batman 16)
Bat family at the dinner (Batman 17)

Snyder writing the psychological thriller story.
Simone writing Batgirl's rage and dealing with her paralyzing and the man responsible.
Both Robin and Batgirl will break their rules to kill the Joker if given the chance.

The next episode will be released on July 14th. Join us as we review the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix saga.

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