Sunday, October 20, 2013

ARP - 08 - Knightfall part 1

DC comics published Knightfall in 1993 in Batman and Detective Comics. This story is one of the most famous Batman stories and we were excited to read and discuss this. In this episode, we talk about the key players (Batman, Bane, Robin, and Azrael) as well as the choices the writers made in telling the story.

Talking points

  • Bad things
    • Joker teaming up with Cornelius Stirk and Scarecrow (14:00)
    • Too many references to 'exhausted' Batman (18:50)
    • Where was the Bat-Family? (22:00)
  • Good things
    • Grounding in reality (26:30)
    • Cameos (32:30)
    • Porsche crash (33:10)
  • General
    • Fight differences between Batman issues and Detective issues (35:20)
    • Villains used in the story (42:30)
    • Robin's role (48:50)
    • Bane (1:06:30)
    • Azrael (Jean Paul Valley) (1:11:05)
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ARP - 08 - Knightfall Part 1.mp3

Our next podcast will be  November 3rd and it will be part 2 of Knightfall.

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