Saturday, November 2, 2013

ARP - S05 - City of Titans interview

We have a very special supplemental episode for you today. This is a first for our podcast. Dylan was able to coordinate and conduct an interview with several members of Missing Worlds Media who are currently running a kickstarter to fund a MMO game called City of Titans that they are developing.

The kickstarter ends Sunday November 3rd. Click on the picture below to help fund them:

The participants:

Dylan and John - Hosts

Chris 'warcabbit' Hare - Lead Developer, Missing Worlds Media

William Strickland - Lead Compositor, MWM

Sara Quinn - President, MWM

Nate Downes - Technical Director, MWM

Follow Missing World Media on Twitter - @mworldsmedia 

You can also visit their website -

Also the game has a webpage -

If you would like to download the podcast to listen to on your MP3 player, right click and save:

ARP - S05 - City of Titans interview.mp3

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