Sunday, January 5, 2014

ARP - 11 - Age of Ultron

Our first episode of 2014 is the Marvel crossover event titled the Age of Ultron. This was published in 2013 and involved the Avengers, time travel, and the sentient robot Ultron. Who will survive this indomitable foe? Tune in and find out. This is the dawning of the Age of Ultron.

Talking points


art style (20:16)
Events in the past (25:35)
The Final plan (35:46)
Fallout (39:35)
Death (45:49)
                - Lots of characters are killed
                                - Ultron attacks
                                - Alternate future
                                - Do we care that these characters die?
                                - B/C they die so quickly and easily, do we know that this reality will be fixed so that the character remains alive?


New future Defenders team (54:28) 

Ant Man (1:01:36)
Wolverine (1:11:41)

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