Monday, November 18, 2013

ARP - 10 - Knightfall part 3

We have a treat for you today. This is a double issue. Enjoy a 100-minute spectacular for the conclusion of the Knightfall story arc from DC Comics. In this story we see the return of Bruce Wayne as Batman, but not all is back to normal in Gotham City.

Talking points

  • Notes section
    • Possible racial slur (32:25)
  • Bad things
    • Catwoman portrayal (43:04)
    • Different art styles in the same book (45:43)
    • Story inconsistencies (49:19)

  • Good things
    • Bat family working together (1:02:09)
    • Nightwing (1:04:40)
    • Faster Pacing Than Part 2 (1:12:34)
    • Fallout from Azrael as Batman (1:15:04)
  • Miscelaneous
    • Azrael (1:18:18)
    • Bruce Wayne's new costume (1:39:12)
    • The setting (1:42:17)

If you would like to download the MP3, right click and Save As:

ARP - 10 - Knightfall part 3.mp3

We will be taking a break for the holidays. We know that everyone is busy during this time of year and so are we. We will be back in the beginning of 2014 with more great stories for you to experience with us.

Our next podcast will be  January 5th and it will be Age of Ultron.

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