Sunday, May 1, 2016

ARP - 49 - Martian Manhunter - Trial By Fire

The Burning has taken over J'onn J'onzz's body and the Justice League must defeat this enemy and help J'onn regain control. We talk about the story, Martian Manhunter, our favorite Justice League lineup and more.

Talking points


Having the villain be sexist as shorthand for 'bad' (6:29)

Fernus is abusive to Scorch (9:20)

Plastic Man's humor is creepy (12:07)

Sense of space and time (18:52)


How do you like this addition to Martian Manhunter's story (21:28)


Story  (33:13)


Favorite Justice League lineup (38:44)

How does JL compare with our discussion last month about the place of Avengers teams? (45:11)

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